Norfolk Family Group Sheets
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Norfolk Family Group Sheets are not historical source documents, but a vehicle for reporting the findings of modern day researchers. They are provided here in hopes they will provide site visitors with a road map for future research.

These sheets do not track people beyond Norfolk's borders, except for occasional references to their origin or destination. Other than the occasional link to other online content, their sole source is the email address of their contributor(s). Please email the contributor directly to pursue your interest in a particular Family Group Sheet. Some of these sheets describe work in progress, and are subject to change.

If you have a Family Group Sheet you would like to contribute, please email that data to webmaster John Cardiff. We will be adding to this collection as additional Group Sheets become available.

List of Family Group Sheets online
Last updated: 23 Feb 2017

Henry Anderson II
P. O. Austin
Charles Beauchamp
William Bowlby
William H. R. G. Bristow
Frank Brock
John Brock
John F. Brock
Joseph Brook
Dr. William Burt Jr.
Rev. Eli Chadwick
James T. Chadwick
James H. Church
Joseph W. Church
A. J. Donly
Hal B. Donly
A. William Donly
Noah Fairchild
Noah Fairchild Jr.
Alexander H. Ferguson
James Goodlet
William Goodlet
Peter Smith Griffin
Bartholomew Hair
John Hair
John Hair (ii)
Johnston Hair
Dr. James Hayes
Alexander Hunter

Hugh P. Innes
William L. Innes

William P. Innes
Dr. Alan B. Jackson
Charles C. Jackson
G. Bruce Jackson
George H. Jackson
George J. Jackson
George J. Jackson Jr.
Harold M. Jackson
Dr. Harry P. Jackson
J. B. Jackson
John Jackson
Sheriff Joseph Jackson
Paulin Jackson
William G. Jackson
Zebulon Landon III
Capt. Abram Leask
Abram Leask Jr.
George H. Leask
James Leask
John F. Leask
Rev. Martin W. Livingstone
Robert T. Livingstone
William W. Livingstone

Senator Alex McCall
Lt.-Col. Daniel McCall
Major Daniel McCall
Daniel A. McCall
David Wm. McCall
Donald McCall
Major Duncan McCall
Francis McCall
Hugh McCall
James Henry McCall
Lieut. James S. McCall
Captain John W. McCall
Simpson McCall, M.P.P.
Walter C. McCall
John F. McCool
Andrew McInnes
Dr. Walter J. McInnes
George J. McKiee
George J. McKiee Jr.
John McKiee
James Monro
Robert Monro
William Nevett Jr.
Obediah Morris Smith
Stearns Bros.
William Y. Wallace
Aquila Walsh, M.P.
Aquila M. Walsh
Francis L. Walsh
Thomas W. Walsh

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