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Aquila Walsh, M.M.P., M.P., son of Francis L. Walsh and Elsey Fairchild
Birth:15 May 1823 in Charlotteville Twp, Norfolk County
Married:Miss Jane Wilson, 21 Nov 1850 in Woodhouse Township  (age 27)
Died:7 Mar 1885 in Winnipeg, Manitoba (age 61)  
Buried:Oakwood Cemetery, Simcoe
Jane Wilson, daughter of William Wilson and Maria Loder
Born:27 Oct 1827 in Norfolk County
Married:Aquila Walsh, 21 Nov 1850 in Woodhouse Township (age 23)
Died:4 Apr 1917 (age 89)
Buried:Oakwood Cemetery, Simcoe
Their Children:
Clara A. Walsh
Honorable William Leigh Walsh, K.C.
Ida Grace Walsh
Emma E. Walsh
Aquila was his father's Deputy-Registrar of Norfolk County for many years. Aquila raised his nephew Eli L. Chadwick after his sister Almira died. He was Reeve of Simcoe 1857-59, represented Norfolk in the provincial legislature, 1861-1867; represented North Norfolk in the federal parliament, 1867-1872; and was Chairman of the  Board of Commissioners who built the Intercolonial Railway 1868-1874. Won election as Mayor of Simcoe, 1882, but resigned days later to become Government Commissioner at Winnipeg.
Source: John Cardiff of Simcoe, Norfolk County. Submitted: 3 May 2003
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