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Augustine James Donly
Born: 19 Jun 1834 in Queen's County, Ireland
Married: Maria Harrison, 5 Oct 1858 in Simcoe, Norfolk County (age 24)
Married: Susan Harrison, 16 Oct 1901 in Simcoe, Norfolk County (age 67)
Died: 19 Mar 1908 in Simcoe, Norfolk County (age 73) 
Buried: Oakwood Cemetery, Simcoe
Maria Harrison, daughter of James Harrison and Barbara Young
Born: 5 Jun 1830 in County of Sligo, Ireland
Married: A. J. Donly, 5 Oct 1858 in Simcoe, Norfolk County (age 28)
Died: 15 Aug 1900 in Simcoe, Norfolk County (age 70) 
Buried: Oakwood Cemetery, Simcoe
Children of A. J. Donly and Maria Harrison:
Margaret Nuala Donly married Walter Bell. Moved to Paris, Ontario
Harrison Beauregard "Hal" Donly married Emma Brook
Augustine William "Will" Donly married Eva Brook
Enid Isoline Donly married Dr. John A. Ivey. Moved to Colbourg, Ontario
Susan E. Harrison, daughter of James Harrison and Barbara Young
Born: 18 Jan 1841 in Ancaster Township, Wentworth County, Ontario
Married: A. J. Donly, 16 Oct 1901 in Simcoe, Norfolk County (age 60)
Died: 26 Mar 1922 in Colbourg, Ontario (age 81) 
Buried: Oakwood Cemetery, Simcoe
A. J. came to Canada about 1850, coming to Simcoe about 1857 and taught at the Union School. After a stint in Memphis, Tenn. as an accountant, he returned to Simcoe, and purchased 
Isaac J. Darling's book store. A. J. published the Waterford Star newspaper before purchasing The Reformer newspaper from Reuben Thorogood in 1872. He brought his son Hal into the newspaper and turned The Reformer over to him in 1881, retiring from the newspaper altogether when he became Registrar of Norfolk County in 1884, following Francis L. Walsh's death. After Maria died, A.J. married her sister Susan, who had worked for him in his book store. 
After A. J. died, Susan lived with her neice Enid. Also see his photo & bio
Source: John Cardiff of Simcoe, Norfolk County. Submitted: 10 Feb 2009
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