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Hugh Percival McCall, son of Donald McCall and Elsie Simpson
Born: 18 Apr 1793 in Basking Ridge, New Jersey
Married: Aner Haviland, 19 May 1813 in Norfolk County (age 20)
Died: 6 Mar 1874 in Vittoria, Norfolk County (age 80)  
Buried: McCall-Fairchild Burying Grounds, Charlotteville Township
Aner Haviland, son of Captain John Haviland and Sarah Birdsell
Born: 21 Mar 1788 in United States
Married: Hugh McCall, 19 May 1813 in Norfolk County (age 25)
Married: Samuel McDowell, 8 Nov 1829, St. Thomas, Elgin County (age 41)
Married: Samuel Hughes, 9 Nov 1840 in Yarmouth, Elgin County (age 52)
Married: Timothy Brown, before 1851 
Died: 15 Sep 1864 in Union, Elgin County, Ontario (age 76) 
Buried: Wintermute, Elgin County
Children of Hugh Percival McCall and Aner Havliand:
George Simpson McCall (1814-1843). Married, family in Elgin County, Ontario.
Isaac McCall (1815-1815)
Merryum McCall (1817-1817)
Allen Simpson McCall (1818-1864) married twice in Elgin County, Ontario
Sarah McCall (1820-1832)
Hugh and Aner appear to have been a couple of rascals who probably did neighbors a favor when they married each other. Like his eldest brother John (who was old enough to be Hugh's father -- Donald and Elsie were 58 and 46 respectively at his birth) Hugh was a big sturdy lad given to feats of physical strength, a crack shot and hunter. He tried farming in Townsend near Aner's father, then briefly owned his deceased father's homestead before selling it to his brother James for money to buy a boat to sail the Great Lakes. A heavy drinker, Hugh lost the boat then became a seldom trusted pilot for hire. Several times he drank his commission in the U.S., woke up broke and had to walk home to Aner who yet again took him in and put him to work improving whatever poor housing she had at the time. One day he wandered off again and stayed gone over 40 years. He later told stories of getting caught up on the wrong side in the Mexican War then wandering north for the California Gold Rush. When he finally returned home, Vittoria threw Hugh a welcome home parade. On Hugh's death registration under occupation, his nephew, Francis L. Walsh, wrote "One of the world's great wanderers." 
Meanwhile "widow" Aner Haviland McCall (and children) moved onto land her father owned in Elgin County, married twice more -- the third time to a fellow she later bonded to have no dealing with "me or mine" including her father's estate -- then co-signed a deed with Timothy Brown as "Aner Brown" although no Brown marriage record has ever been found. Aner outlived all her children. 
Source: John Cardiff of Simcoe, Norfolk County. Last updated: 08 Aug 2014
Acknowledgments: Helen Pincombe and Mary (McCall) Middleton.

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