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Francis Leigh Walsh, M.M.P., son of Thomas Welsh and Mary Mitchell

Birth:12 Mar 1789 in Harvre de Grace, Maryland
Married:Elsey Fairchild, 21 Apr 1818 in Charlotteville, Norfolk County (age 29)
Died:14 Aug 1884 in Simcoe, Norfolk County (age 95) 
Buried:Oakwood Cemetery, Simcoe
Elsey Fairchild, daughter of Noah Fairchild and Elizabeth E. McCall
Born:23 Dec 1801 in Charlotteville Twp., Norfolk County
Married:Francis Walsh, 21 Apr 1818 in Charlotteville, Norfolk County (age 16)
Died:1 Feb 1884 in Simcoe, Norfolk  County (age 82) 
Buried:Oakwood Cemetery, Simcoe
Their Children:
Thomas William Walsh married Eliza Henshall
Harriet Anna Walsh married Obediah Morris Smith
Aquila Walsh, M.P. married Jane Wilson
Rebecca Augusta Walsh (1825-1911)
Elizabeth Emmett Walsh (1827-1848)
Almira D. Walsh married Thos. K. Chadwick
Walter Walsh married Mary A. Kitchen
Sarah Amelia Walsh (1831-1908)
Margaret Phoebe Walsh (1837-1904)
Lewis Francis Walsh (1841-1911) Moved to Massachusetts, married there.
Christopher Leigh Walsh married Agnes Elizabeth Holmwood 
Like his only sibling Aquilla M. Walsh and cousin Ephraim Cole Mitchell, Francis married a granddaughter of Donald McCall and Elsie Simpson. Francis succeed his father as Norfolk County Registrar, a post he held for over 73 years. This family settled first in Vittoria, then in Simcoe. Francis' obituary said he led a blameless life.
Also see: Walsh Surveyors, Francis' obituary, Elsey's obituary
Source: John Cardiff of Simcoe, Norfolk County. Submitted: 3 May 2003
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