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Francis Evans Arthur McCall, son of Major Daniel McCall and Hannah Shearer
Born: 9 Oct 1844 in Charlotteville Township, Norfolk County
Married: Libby Killmaster, 28 May 1867, in Walsingham Township (age 22)
Died: 1 Jan 1924 in Toronto, Ontario (age 79)
Buried: Newkirk Cemetery, St. Williams
Elizabeth M. S. Killmaster, daughter of George A. Killmaster and Eliza Schermerhorn
Born: 8 Dec 1848 in Walsingham Township, Norfolk County
Married: Frank McCall, 28 May 1867, in Walsingham Township (age 18)
Died: 8 Jul 1916 in St. Williams, Norfolk County (age 85)
Buried: Newkirk Cemetery, St. Williams
Their Children:
Edith Annie McCall (1868-1942). Raised brother's daughter after her parents died
John Arthur McCall married in Chicago. Daughter Bessie raised by her aunt Edith
Clarence Edward McCall (1871-1927) St. Williams merchant. Moved to U.S.
Albert Nelson McCall (1873-1905). Telegrapher. Moved to U.S.
Francis Ernest McCall (1875-1880)
Cornelius Daniel "Hugh" McCall. Moved to Portland, Oregon. Married there.
Rev. Francis Stacey McCall married Olive M. S. Todd. Moved to Edmonton, Alberta 
Hugh Allan McCall (1883-1903)
Frank and "Libby" were born and raised at St. Williams, where he was subsequently a merchant for about 20 years. Then he seems to disappear from the local historical record. Libby's obituary says she was a woman of sterling character who raised her family under difficult circumstances. Frank is neither mentioned or named in Libby's obituary. 
After their son John and his wife died in Chicago, their orphaned daughter Bessie was raised by her maiden aunt Edith in St. Williams. 
Son Dr. Rev. Francis (commonly called Stacey) a Methodist minister, principal of Alberta College, was profiled in Who's Who in Canada, 1936.
Source: John Cardiff of Simcoe, Norfolk County. Last updated: 08 Aug 2014
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