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Last updated: 08 Aug 2016
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by John Cardiff

Welcome to Contributed Information, where visitors contribute family history they have in their possession. If you'd like to share, we'd like to hear from you. Just email the webmaster.

Perhaps you have an original certificate of birth, marriage or death of an ancestor. Or a newspaper clipping concerning a Norfolk citizen. Perhaps your grandmother wrote a memorandum concerning her family. Or your family scrapbook includes a photo or two of those who lived here decades ago.

Ideally, you'll scan the item to share and email us the scan. Those without scanners are welcome to transcribe their document and email the transcription. Got a photo but no scanner? We'll scan it for you.

What will we do with your information? Put it online "as is" here as Contributed Information, along with the email address of the contributor (you) and the date it was received. That way other site visitors will know who to credit for each contribution and how to follow up when appropriate. We will also link to your Contributed Information web page from our B-M-D Etc. making your contribution easy to find.

There are a few caveats however. We will not publish information about living people without their permission. The information we are most interested in goes back the better part of a century, or more.

Nor are we interested in all 14 volumes of data you have assembled about the descendants of Norfolk residents living elsewhere. Our field of interest is rather narrowly defined as Norfolk County, those who lived here, and events that impacted their lives. (Data about where they came from, or where their immediate descendents went, is welcome of course.)

In short, your submission should be the type of information you would expect or hope to find on a Norfolk genealogy web site. Wondering if your contribution would be appropriate? Just ask.

Perhaps you know the biography of one of the people in a photo already online. It would be wonderful if you could enlarge on something we have already touched upon. You are welcome to provide explanatory text as well (e.g. "This is a photo of John Doe, who worked for West & Peachey circa 1900 and lived on Talbot Street in Simcoe.") Just be sure your comments are clearly separate from that of the historical document.

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