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Henry Anderson II, son of Henry Anderson and Margaret Sinclair 
Birth:4 Mar 1829 in Shetland Islands, Scotland
Married:Nellie Leask, 1852 at Duncanslate, Shetland Islands (age 23)
Died:2 Oct 1901 in Windham Township, Norfolk County (age 73) 
Buried:Bethel Cemetery, Windham Township
Nellie Leask, daughter of James Leask and Jane Sinclair
Born:17 Feb 1829 in Shetland Islands, Scotland
Married:Henry Anderson, 1852 at Duncanslate, Shetland Islands (age 23)
Died:7 May 1904 in Windham Township, Norfolk Coutny (age 77) 
Buried:Bethel Cemetery, Windham Township
Their Children:
James Anderson (1854-1858)
John W. Anderson married Julia Callahan, then Betsy Maw. Moved to Lambton County.
Margaret J. Anderson married Lewis Absalom Unger
Henry Anderson III (1863-1889)
William Erastus Anderson married Minnie Jane Anderson. Moved to Lambton County.
Ellen Anderson married Alva German Kitchen
Harvey Anderson (1872-1877)
Henry followed his brother-in-law Captain Abram Leask to Canada circa 1857, settled in Windham Township and sailed with him on the Great Lakes, first as his First Mate and subsequently as Captain of Abraham's second schooner.
Source: John Cardiff of Simcoe, Norfolk County. Last updated: 08 Aug 2014
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