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Donald McCall, son of John MacColl and ____
Birth:1735 in Isle of Mull, Inner Hebrides, Scotland
Married:Elsie Simpson, about 1764 [probably in Pennsylvania] (age 29)
Died:18 Jul 1819 in Charlotteville Township, Norfolk County (age 84)
Buried:McCall-Fairchild Burying Grounds, Charlotteville
Elsie Simpson, daughter of [James Simpson] and Margaret [Willson]
Born:18 Aug 1747 in [maybe New Jersey]
Married:Donald McCall, about 1764 [probably in Pennsylvania (age 17)
Died:17 Mar 1837 in Charlotteville Township, Norfolk County (age 89)
Buried:McCall-Fairchild Burying Grounds, Charlotteville
Their Children:
Captain John W. McCall married Martha McCool
Major Duncan McCall, M.P.P. married Jemima Fairchild, then Mrs. Mary Lockwood
Catherine McCall married Lieut. James Monro
Lt. Col. Daniel McCall married Jane "Jenny" Decew
Margaret McCall (about 1779-1785) Buried in New Jersey.
Lieut. James S. McCall married Nancy McQueen
Elizabeth Emmet McCall married Noah Fairchild
Mary Ann McCall married Ephraim Cole Mitchell
Hugh Percival McCall married Aner Haviland
Donald McCall and his friend Robert Munro enlisted to fight for England in the Seven Years War and were sent to America to fight in the Indian Wars. After seven years service they accepted land grants in New York rather than return home. They swapped those grants for land in the Scottish settlement at Basking Ridge in New Jersey, where they lived for the next 30 years, including the American Revolution. Thirteen years after the Revolution, in May 1796 Donald and Elsie resigned their half of pew 20 in the Presbyterian Church there and with most of their descendants, a few friends and neighbors, arrived in the Long Point Settlement six weeks later. Donald and Elsie settled in Walsingham Township but by 1798 had moved to Charlotteville Township where, near their children, they lived the rest of their lives. 
Frequently retold family lore seemingly first brought forward by E. A. Owen in his 1898 book Pioneer Sketches of the Long Point Settlement, embellishes this story considerably, but the historical record does not support these possible flights of fancy.
Source: John Cardiff of Simcoe, Norfolk County. Last updated: 27 Nov 2015
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