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George J. Jackson Sr., son of William Jackson and Eleanor Walker
Born: 21 Aug 1786 in Licker, Northumberland, England
Married: Ann Menzies, 25 Dec 1809 in England (age 23)
Married: Mrs. Elizabeth White, 27 Jul 1832 in Tweedsmouth, England (age 45)
Died: 18 Feb 1870 in Simcoe, Ontario (age 83) 
Buried: St. John's Cemetery, Woodhouse
Ann Menzies
Born: 25 Jun 1785 in Berwick, England
Married: George J. Jackson Sr., 25 Dec 1809 (age 24)
Died: 7 Dec 1827 in Tweedsmouth, England (age 42)  
Buried: England
Children of George Jackson and Ann Menzies:
Eleanor Jackson (1811-1825)
Mary Ann Jackson married George Weatherly. Moved to Illinois
Sarah Jackson married Edward Pennington. Moved to Illinois
William Jackson (1816-1842)
John Jackson married Elizabeth Hair
Ann Jackson married Thomas Pennington
Margaret Jackson married Bartholomew Hair
George J. Jackson Jr. married Margaret Chadwick
James Jackson (1824-1908) Sculptor/Artist/Actor in Norfolk and New York
Thomas Jackson moved to Middlesex County, Ontario 
Elizabeth ____, widow of George White
Born: 10 Oct 1800 in Berwickshire, Scotland
Married: George White [presumably about 1827 in England]
Married: George Jackson Sr., 27 Jul 1832 in Tweedsmouth, England (age 31)
Died: 28 Apr 1872 in Simcoe, Ontario
Buried: St. John's Cemetery, Woodhouse
Child of George White and Elizabeth ____:
Elizabeth White married Richard Weston
Children of George Jackson and Elizabeth White:
Eleanor Jackson married John McKiee
Jane Jackson married John F. McCool
Edmund Jackson married Ann Hayes then Alicia Stevenson
Christopher Jackson (1839-1847)
Robert William "Paulin" Jackson married Margaret Livingstone 
George brought his surviving first family, second wife and her daughter Elizabeth White, his deceased sister's daughter Eleanor Barnes, her husband George Forster and his brother, to Canada in 1834. George was a master carpenter in England, an inn operator in Toronto, a farmer in Townsend Township, then a hardware merchant in Simcoe. A devout Presbyterian, George led Sunday Services on the Good Czar's voyage to Canada, and joined St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, Simcoe, in 1849. Also see: his photo & bio.
Source: John Cardiff of Simcoe, Norfolk County. Last updated: 08 Aug 2014
Wm. B. Jackson of Port Dover, Norfolk County.
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