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G. Bruce Jackson, son of George J. Jackson Jr. and Margaret Chadwick
Born: 12 Oct 1851 in Simcoe, Norfolk County, Canada West
Married: Libby Walsh, 22 Feb 1876 in Simcoe, Norfolk County (age 24)
Died: 1 Feb 1886 in Simcoe, Norfolk County (age 34) 
Buried: Oakwood Cemetery, Simcoe
Elizabeth Elsie Walsh, daughter of Thomas W. Walsh and Eliza Henshall
Born: about 1853
Married: Bruce Jackson, 22 Feb 1876 in Simcoe, Norfolk County  (age 23)
Died: 26 Jan 1894 in Simcoe, Norfolk County (age 41) 
Buried: Oakwood Cemetery, Simcoe
Their Children:
Mildred Louise Jackson. Married in Simcoe, settled in Toronto
Robert Eustace Leigh ("Leigh") Jackson. Moved to U.S. in 1897
Constance King Jackson. Moved to Burlington, Ontario. 
George Bruce Jackson was a lawyer, and once Reeve of Simcoe. Elizabeth Elsie Walsh was commonly called Libby. Bruce died of complications stemming from an 1882 accident in Little Rock, Ark.
Source: John Cardiff of Simcoe, Norfolk County. Submitted: 3 May 2003
Source: Wm. B. Jackson of Port Dover, Norfolk County. Submitted: 4 May 2003
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