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George J. Jackson, Jr., son of George J. Jackson Sr. and Ann Menzies
Born: 11 Jan 1822 in Berwick, England
Married: Margt. Chadwick, 24 Feb 1847 in Woodhouse, Norfolk County (age 25)
Died: 6 Dec 1901 in Simcoe, Ontario (age 79) 
Margaret Weall Chadwick, daughter of Rev. Eli Chadwick and Margaret Weall
Born: 17 Jan 1825 in Huddersfield, England
Married: George Jackson Jr., 24 Feb 1847 in Woodhouse, Norfolk County  (age 22)
Died: 14 Nov 1902 in Tillsonburg, Ontario (age 77) 
Their Children:
Margaret Jackson married William W. Livingstone
George Bruce Jackson married Elizabeth Walsh
Ann Menzie Jackson married Robert T. Livingstone
Eli Chadwick "Bat" Jackson. Banker. Died in Atlantic City, N.J.
Charles Chadwick Jackson married Margaret Ferguson
Leslie Livingstone Jackson. Moved to U.S. Married. Died in Austin, Texas
Ernest Hamilton Jackson married Jean L. Chadwick
George worked for David Marr, then joined his brother John in founding J. & G. Jackson, a furniture making and construction firm, which re-built Simcoe's Court Courthouse and Goal in 1863, and constructed St. Paul's Presbyterian Church. George was the architect of three Norfolk County registry offices. 
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Source: John Cardiff of Simcoe, Norfolk County. Submitted: 3 May 2003
Source: Wm. B. Jackson of Port Dover, Norfolk County. Submitted: 4 May 2003
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