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Simpson Grant McCall, M.P.P., son of Lieut. James Simpson and Nancy McQueen
Birth:Dec 1807  in Charlotteville Township, Norfolk County
Married:Priscilla Lamport, 28 Dec 1835 in Woodstock, Upper Canada (age 28)
Died:25 Apr 1899 in Vittoria, Charlotteville Township (age 92)
Buried:St. Andrew's Churchyard Cemetery, Vittoria
Priscilla Lamport, daughter of Henry Lamport and Elizabeth Clarke
Born:10 Aug 1818 in West Pennard, Somerset, England
Married:Simpson McCall, 28 Dec 1835 in Woodstock, Upper Canada (age 17)
Died:16 Jul 1904 in Charlotteville Township, Norfolk County (age 85)
Buried:St. Andrew's Churchyard Cemetery, Vittoria
Their Children:
James Henry McCall married Agnes Ruth Young
Mary Elizabeth McCall married Daniel Lyman Beemer
Martha Ann McCall married Edward R. Young
George Daniel McCall married Margaret E. Reid
Rev. Dr. Thomas Simpson McCall. Moved to Woodstock, to U.S., back to Woodstock 
Malcolm Joseph McCall married Minnie Florence Finch
Simpson was 13 when his father died and helped his uncles care for the farm, his widowed mother and widowed grandmother, Elsie Simpson McCall. Simpson lived on his grandfather's homestead most of his life. Simpson was a student, and subsequently a friend, of Rev. Egerton Ryerson. Vittoria's Justice of the Peace and postmaster, Simpson farmed, issued licenses and sold fire insurance (1834-1868) when he resigned so his son George could take over. He operated a general store in Vittoria, bought wheat and grain. He served on District Council (1848-1864) he earned a reputation as a good steward of the public purse. He served as Reeve of Charlotteville and four times was chosen Warden of Norfolk County. In 1867 he was elected to the provincial legislature where he served eight years. Shortly before his death Simpson was interviewed by 
E. A. Owen for his 1898 book Pioneer Sketches of the Long Point Settlement. His page one obituary is still one of the longest the Simcoe Reformer ever published.
Source: John Cardiff of Simcoe, Norfolk County. Contributed: 08 Aug 2014
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