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John Hair
Baptized: 5 Sep 1773 in Northumberland, England
Married: Helen Johnston, 24 Nov 1812 in Northumberland, England (age 39)
Helen Johnston, daughter of Peter Johnston and Margaret Thomson
Born: 1792 in Berwickshire, Scotland
Married: John Hair, 24 Nov 1812 in Northumberland, England (age 20)
Their Children:
Margaret Hair 
Bartholomew Hair married Margaret Jackson
Peter Johnston Hair
Elizabeth Hair married John Jackson 
Helen Hair (1828-1890)
Patrick Johnston Hair 
John was a farmer in England and in Townsend Township, Norfolk County.
Bartholomew and Elizabeth Hair both married children of George Jackson Sr.
Children Margaret, Helen and Patrick were buried in St. John's Woodhouse Cemetery
I have no idea what happened to Peter.
No readable stones survive for either John or Helen in Norfolk County.
Source: John Cardiff of Simcoe, Norfolk County. Last updated: 08 Aug 2014
: Wm. B. Jackson of Port Dover, Norfolk County.
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