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Dr. William Burt Jr., son of William Burt and Catherine Campbell
Born: 19 Sep 1850 in Woodhouse Township, Norfolk County
Married: Aggie McKiee, 22 Dec 1886 in Simcoe (age 36)
Died: 10 Oct 1931 in Simcoe, Norfolk County (age 81) 
Buried: Oakwood Cemetery, Simcoe
Agnes Margaret McKiee, daughter of John McKiee and Eleanor Jackson
Born: 31 Dec 1863 in Simcoe, Norfolk County
Married: William Burt, 22 Dec 1886 in Simcoe (age 22)
Died: 13 May 1951 (age 87)
Buried: Oakwood Cemetery, Simcoe
Child of William Burt and Agnes McKiee:
Arthur Campbell Burt, M.M.P married Vira C. Foster
William was a veterinary surgeon. Baptized in Port Dover, he moved to Simcoe in 1879.  He maintained a livery on Kent Street for many years. Served on Town Council for 15 continuous years before becoming Warden of Norfolk County. Also see his photo & bio
Source: Wm. B. Jackson of Port Dover, Norfolk County. Last updated: 08 Aug 2014
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