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Aquila Mitchell Walsh, son of Thomas Welsh and Mary Mitchell
Birth:21 Apr 1791 in Maryland
Married:"Peggy" McCall, 1 Jan 1812 in Charlotteville, Norfolk County (age 20)
Died:3 May 1873 in Charlotteville, Norfolk County (age 82) 
Buried:Walsh Family Cemetery at Walsh
Margaret McCall, daughter of Duncan McCall and Jemima Fairchild
Born:about 1793, in Basking Ridge, New Jersey
Married:Aquilla Walsh, 1 Jan 1812 in Charlotteville, Norfolk County (age 19)
Died:18 Jan 1881 in Simcoe, Norfolk County (age 88) 
Buried:Walsh Family Cemetery at Walsh
Their Children:
Duncan Walsh married Gertrude Finch
Jemima Walsh married George Anderson
Thomas Walsh married Lucretia Mead
Francis Walsh married Mary Ann Glover
Mary Walsh married Albert Toms 
Aquila and "Peggy" moved on to his father's farm and farmed there the rest of their lives. After Aquila died, Peggy moved to Simcoe to live with her daughter Mary Toms. They are buried on the farm they worked all their adult lives.
Source: John Cardiff of Simcoe, Norfolk County. Contributed: 16 May 2003
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