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James Leask, son of Capt. Abram Leask and Mary [Leisk]
Birth:16 Dec 1847 in Orkney Islands, Scotland
Married:Emory Boughner, 23 Feb 1871 in Simcoe, Norfolk County (age 23)
Died:5 Feb 1917 in Port Dover, Norfolk County (age 69) 
Buried:Oakwood Cemetery, Simcoe
Emory Annette Boughner, daughter of Stephen Boughner and Catherine ____
Born:25 Jul 1851 in Ontario
Married:Jim Leask, 23 Feb 1871 in Simcoe, Norfolk County (age 19)
Died:26 Dec 1924 in Plainfield, New Jersey (age 73) 
Buried:Oakwood Cemetery, Simcoe
Their Children:
Mary Druscilla "Tilla" Leask married J. Harris Woolley
Arthur Leask. American banker. Married in U.S. Settled in New Jersey.
James Trembley "Trem" Leask married Ella Frances Widner
Ada Annetta Leask married Rev. Charles A. Cavers
Lloyd Francis Leask married Lillian May Cape
Jim was a life-long Lynnville-area Windham Township farmer. He was very active in the local Liberal political party, serving as vice-president of North Norfolk Liberals in 1901. He was so modest he did not have his portrait taken. When the Reformer wanted to publish his photo with the news of his death the best the family could provide was taken on his parents' lawn in Port Dover over a decade before. After Jim died, Emory moved to Plainfield, New Jersey where she helped raise her son Arthur's daughters.
Source: John Cardiff of Simcoe, Norfolk County. Contributed: 15 Feb 2009
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