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Last updated: 19 Jul 2018
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Photocopies of the Births Marriages Deaths columns (and other newspaper articles used as source documents to build this index) are available from the Norfolk Historical Society. So are photocopies of the Ontario Vital Statistics for Norfolk County indexed herein.

The cost is $7 each -- each being defined as the entire B-M-D column or other single article from a single issue of a single newspaper. (Each obituary, B-M-D column, or article from the same issue of the same newspaper is a separate photocopy.) Or a single page of the Ontario Vital Stats ledgers for Norfolk County.

Please include the source document's source code when ordering photocopies. Orders received without the source code and a cheque for the amount of the order will not be processed. For Ontario Vital Statistics, provide the appropriate year (from the end of each entry). You may want to simply cut and paste the entry(s) and include it with your cheque.

Order directly from:
Births Marriages Deaths Photocopies
Norfolk Historical Society
109 Norfolk Street South
Simcoe, Ontario N3Y 2W3

Why would you want a photocopy? There is always a chance our summary transcription is inaccurate. Moreover, source documents include additional information.

B-M-D Etc. is an index, a roadmap to more information -- not an alternative to Archive holdings research. We urge every researcher to verify B-M-D Etc. findings against the original source document.

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