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Last updated: 18 Oct 2018
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The Paper of Record
by John Cardiff

Back issues of The Simcoe Reformer and The Waterford Star are now searchable online at

For a fee you can subscribe to The Paper of Record, which allows you to search back issues for whatever text you enter.

The subscription fee  can be charged to PayPal or your Visa or MasterCard.

You can search without subscribing, to see a list of issues that contain matches to your search text, but you have to subscribe to view a scan of the appropriate page displayed in Acrobat pdf format.

Subscribers can send the pdf file (one per newspaper page) to their printer, or email it to a friend as an attachment. Even without subscribing, you can quickly check which issues contain your search text (presumably the name of an ancestor), which allows you to conveniently narrow your ancestral search.

The source documents appear to be microfilmed images of back issues. Unfortunately, microfilm copies are not as ideal as the original pages, but original pages presumably no longer exist.

Why would you want a photocopy? There is always a chance our summary transcription is inaccurate. Moreover, source documents include additional information.

B-M-D Etc. is an index, a roadmap to more information -- not an alternative to Archive holdings research. We urge every researcher to verify B-M-D Etc. findings against the original source document.

Search back issues of
 the Simcoe Reformer 
and Waterford Star at

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