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Last updated: 13 Dec 2018
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This web site has always gratefully acknowledged the valuable contributions of site visitors who have pointed out typos and broken links, recommended additional source documents, emailed us digital photos and scans of documents in their possession, and loaned us their Group Photos to scan and share. 

But it wasn't until Jun 2008 that we began gathering subsequent contributions together here, under our Contributed Information banner. 
Our sincere thanks to those who have taken the time to contribute so others could share. Contributors are identified on the web pages where their contributions are displayed.

Doan's Cemetery Monument
200 years of Doan's Hollow history
St. Anthony's Pioneer Cemetery monument photos
Potts Cemetery photos and transcriptions
Bush Family Bible transcription
Scans: Thomas Porter, his wife, Rachel Wilson, their cemetery monument
Two 1864 deaths reported
Circa 1882: Norfolk native Seth Powers' profile
1885 Picnic photo (from LaSalette Parish history)
Photo: George Coates and his wife Ruth Shepherd
Benjamin Ferris' 1901 Census entry clarification
Photo: Mrs. Robert Coates, nee Rachel Knight, and their children
1909 Local Phone Directories
Photo: Robert Randall family of Windham 
1916 S. S. 2 Middleton school photo
Elgin County's WWI cenotaph at Vienna photo
Harold M. Jackson photo, 1918
Private Wesley M. Gurr's photo, medals, birth family, WWI Journal
Frank Cormack's 1921 demise
Jessie Burger? 
1927-1952 Simcoe Kinsmen
1929 Simcoe High School teaching staff photo
1929 Simcoe High Monocle yearbook executive
1928-29 Simcoe High girls' hockey team
1929 Simcoe High field day champions
1929 Simcoe High students (list)
1946 Girl Guides of Trinity Anglican Church, Simcoe
1946 Simcoe High School grade 13 class photo
1947 Simcoe High teachers photo
1947 Simcoe Board of Education photo
1948 Port Dover High School photo (grades 10-12)
1948 Port Dover High School photo (grade 9)
1952 Simcoe High yearbook The Monocle scans
Philip O. Austin's 1946 obituary scan
Axford-Lyness Delhi Reporter marriage announcement
Axford-Lyness Delhi Reporter wedding review
Bradley Women photo and caption
Harry Beaty 1888-1955 photo and biography
Carleton-Tibbetts wedding puzzle response
James H. Church's photo
Mrs. James H. Church and daughters photo
Daboll/Dayballe surname spelling variations
Dean Family Bible transcription
Charles Finch's 1934 obituary scan
1916 Delhi Detachment photo/video
Collver transcription correction
Alice Amanda Coombs photo
O. L. Coombs passes in Winnipeg, 1888
English pauper Stephen Cutting comes to Canada
Davis-Alford family genealogy and photos
Decker-Smith cemetery stone
Desbats and Sohier were cousins
James Doan's 1893 obituary transcription
Edgington-Baker marriage certificate
Daniel Freeman's 1831 obituary transcription
Isaac Freeman's 1853 obituary transcription
Mrs. Phoebe R. Freeman's 1849 obituary
John Hall-Mary Jaques family cemetery stone photos
Robert Henry Hall & Laura L. McDermand family photo
Hewitt Genealogy Mystery
James and Florence Holden, photo and biography
Holden & Sons store photo
Howey-Strohm-Livsey registration transcriptions
Hutchinson genealogy
Andrew Irwin obituary transcription
Charles Patrick Karns' 1930 death certificate scan
Kniffen Family Bible transcription
Ray Lawrence to wed Ina Sharp clipping
Mrs. Clara Sanderson Laub's photo scan and news clipping
Nathaniel E. Low's 1912 obituary follow-up
John May and wife Mary Leighton (Layton) photo
Massecar-Holden 1915 wedding photo
Photo: Wellington Mattice and his wife Emily Evans, circa 1901
Photo: Frederick Mattice and his wife Linnie Lampkin, circa 1925
McMaster-Perry Family Bible page scan
Moore family photos mystery
Colonel Robert Nichol
Osborn, Pritchard 1915 death registrations
Pursel Livery photo
Mrs. Arnold Rodger's cemetery stone photo
Moore-Ryerson certificate of service
Sawers family of Peterborough
Schram Family History [Deleted 12 Jan 2017 at contributor's request]
Oliver Smith's genealogy and photos
W. Reg. Smith and Lena Rusling photos
W. Wray Smith and Amelia Mason 1917 wedding photo
Vittoria Women circa 1930 photo
1931 Waterford High yearbook captures
John William Taylor family photos and obituaries
Andrew W. Tufford and Minnie B. Garner's 1880 marriage certificate
Jane (Potts) Wilson's obituary
Young family marriage certificate transcriptions
What were their names? Conflicting Source Documents
Wittet Family Bible transcription


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