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Site visitor Marie Shull of Simcoe Ontario emailed us the accompanying photos 31 May 2015 and 
1 Jun 2015, along with the following background:

St. Anthony's -- commonly known as Church of Windham -- was the pioneer Roman Catholic church and cemetery at LaSalette. (A subsequent circuit minister called it St. Mary's at LaSalette. It was later known as Our Lady of LaSalette, circa a new church and cemetery being established 
in LaSalette.) 

The monument photographed (below) is the result of recent research by a group seeking to document residents of Norfolk and Oxford counties buried in this pioneer cemetery over a century ago. Entries in the old Dundas Mission Register were supplemented by data on the original stones, some original records were found and supplemented with a lot of research of vital statistics, and other resources.

In 2014, a member of the group, Marcia McLean Parker of Portland Oregon, compiled a book -- Church of Windham Monument List -- listing known burials, names, dates, parents if known, and where the information was found (church records, cemetery list, family history, OVS, census, etc.). OGS/Norfolk's copy of that book is on file at the public library in Simcoe. Parker is currently updating this book as more information has been found. 

An earlier book, The Rise and Fall of A Parish in the Wildness: The Story of Our Lady of LaSalette by Dan Walker, is also on file in the same collection. It provides a history of the church, some early pioneer families' baptisms and marriages.

This two-sided monument was erected at the site of the original cemetery last week. 
The research effort continues.

St. Anthony's Church of Windham
Pioneer Roman Catholic Cemetery 1846-1888

Appleton, Thomas Joseph 1809-1869 Flick, John 1802-1874
Appleton, Jane Ann Horner 1809-1883 Flick, Mary Ann Dertinger Donnelly 1824-1876
Appleton, Frederick Joseph 1852-1866 Fox, Bridget McGuire 1800-1881
Billo, John 1853-1871 Fox, Margaret Ellen 1862-1869
Billo, John William 1865-1878 Fox, Michael Edward 1869-1880
Billo, Magdalene Bossmann 1809-1861 Frank, Catherine Baker 1846-1872
Billo, Margaret 1853-1878 Frederick, infant 1881-1881
Burke, John 1807-1881 Gannan, Francis Joseph 1861-1865
Burkart, Anthony 1870-1872 Grant, Ellen E. 1863-1864
Burkart, John 1850-before 1861 Hackett, Alicia Dwyer 1812-before 1848
Burkart, Sefrin 1821-circa 1861 Heimann, Catherine Krohe 1825-1872
Burris, Mrs. 1828-1881 Hoheisel, Mary Lauger 1808-1876
Carnes, Bernard Jr. 1874-1876 Holkinder, Caroline 1838-1866
Carroll, Robert Edward 1851-1871 Jordan, John 1854-1855
Conlin, Eva Maud 1880-1881 Jordan, Martin 1831-1869
Connor, Catharine Sullivan 1803-1882 Kearns, Ann Smith 1836-1880
Connor, John unknown-1880 Kelly, James 1873-before 1881
Connor, Patrick 1800-1885 Kelly, Peter 1834-1883
Connor, Rosanna Isabella 1875-1876 Kennedy, Michael D. 1820-1880
Davey, Bernard 1793-1882  Kenny, Hannah Hunt 1850-1851
Dertinger, Charles 1868-1872 Kramer, Jacob 1819-1873
Dertinger, John 1882-1882 Lee, Magdaline Billow 1847-1869
Donnelly, Arthur 1824-circa 1863 McAvoy, Mary 1801-before 1871
Donnelly, James 1827-1856 McAvoy, William 1798-1873
Donnelly, infant son 1851-1851 McCarty, Frances unknown-1859
Donnelly, James 1848-1851 McCarty, James A. unknown-1858
Donnelly, John 1848-1851 McCurdy, Mary Elizabeth 1870-1872
Downey, child 1880-1880 McElhone, John 1852-1882
Doyle, Patrick 1797-1870 McElhone, Mary Theresa 1882-1882
Dwyer, Elenor 1850-before 1861 McGinnis, Charles Edward 1864-1885
-- see enlargement of monument photo -- side 1

St. Anthony's Church of Windham
Pioneer Roman Catholic Cemetery 1846-1888

McGrah, Mary Ann 1859-1859 O'Neil, David 1844-1875
McHugh, Jane Cio 1789-1859 O'Neil, James 1804-1871
McLean, Ann Heaney 1837-1866 O'Neil, John 1845-1854
McLean, Robert 1863-circa 1867 O'Neil, Mary A. 1810-1883
McLean, James 1802-1876 Omstead, Gertrude 1879-1882
McLean, Margaret Divine 1806-1884 Purtill, Charles Augustus 1881-1882
McLean, Margaret 1841-before 1851 Quirk, Elizabeth Lang 1809-1857
McLean, Maria 1839-before 1851 Quirk, Patrick 1800-1863
McNamara, Bridget 1786-1873 Quirk, John Unknown-1862
McNulty, James 1866-1866 Quirk, Ann Brady 1842-1866
McNulty, Mary Connolly 1831-1866 Rosehart, George 1814-before 1870
McSloy, Eliza Kelly 1847-1874 Rosehart, Hatharina Grief 1814-1850
Moore, Michael 1789-1859 Rovery, Margaret 1800-1858
Moses, Joseph 1878-before 1880 Schmous, James Frank 1874-1877
Murphy, John 1850-1869 Shields, James 1817-1878
Murphy, John 1885-1886 Shields, James 1847-1869
Murray, Margaret 1796-after 1861 Smith, Bernard 1829-1866
Murray, Patrick 1803-before 1860 Smith, Mary 1838-1855
Nash, Julia 1803-1861 Smyth, Thomas 1815-1878
Nold, Aloisia Ovloes Fettick 1813-1872 Stewart, Jennet 1801-1882
Nold, Louisa Ziegler 1821-1874 Stewart, Robert 1811-1871
Nold, Mary Ann 1872-1872 Ellen 1856-1882
O'Connor, Mary 1819-1851 This monument is also in memory of the pioneers buried here who names and dates have been lost to time.

-- see enlargement of monument photo -- side 2
GPS: N 42 51 4 | W 80 29 34
Camera: Blackberry Q5
Photos taken 27 May 2015 by Marie Shull.
-- also see Our Lady of LaSalette Cemetery

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