Re: -- Mrs. Arnold Rodgers' 1890 cemetery stone
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"Fanny wife of Arnold Rodgers born Feb 15, 1807 died Feb 9, 1890."
Cemetery stone photographed and transcribed at Jericho Cemetery at 1258 Regional Road 16, at the southeast corner of the intersection of Regional Roads 3 & 16, in  Jericho, Charlotteville Township, by Susan McShannon-Monteith.

The above photo and transcription of her ancestor's cemetery stone was contributed by site visitor Susan McShannon-Monteith via email 3 Jan 2011, to correct a transcription error previously published on, and since deleted from, this web site. 
"I thought I'd send along the photo of my great-great-great grandmother Fanny (Pattison) Rodgers cemetery stone, who is laid to rest in Jericho Cemetery. With just the right October daylight angle, the two NN's are quite visible in her name of Fanny rather than the original [transcription] as Carry."
As the above photo shows, the deceased's given name ends in NNY, ruling out Carry. We have no reason not to accept Fanny as her given name.
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