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1909 Norfolk Telephone Directories Preface
by John Cardiff

On 1 May 2015, site visitor Donna Bonaccorso emailed us scans of Norfolk Telephone Directories which we transcribed and provide here (Simcoe) and here (Rural).

Since we cannot confirm the source document or its accuracy, acceptance of this data is left to your discretion. (The few entries we have confirmed were accurately reported.) Both directories seem to be for telephone companies managed by Simcoe resident C. A. Austin, but neither list identifies the name of the publishing telephone company. 

After comparing directory entries with other historical records we concluded these directories are "circa 1909." Sheriff Snider's term of office was 1908-1918, so we assume that is the possible date range. W. D. Battersby died in 1914, reducing the range. Hiram Bowlby's widow died in 1909, about the time H. A. Stringer was appointed manager of Dominion Natural Gas Company in Simcoe.

Most entries in these circa 1909 directories are for south Norfolk. Waterford, Delhi, Courtland, and other communities seem excluded.

Other telephone companies served other regions of the county 
-- see 1913 Norfolk Telephone Co.  
-- see North Norfolk Phone appeals.
--  see 1914 Simcoe Telephone Changed.

Liberties were taken in transcribing the contributed scans. Those wishing to compare our transcriptions against the source scans provided are encouraged to check out the enhanced scans below. (We ran them through Photoshop Elements to enhance readability.)

Those interested in early telephone directories may want to also review our transcription of 
1941 Norfolk County Telephone Directory


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