A. A. Pursel's Livery photo
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This photo scan was contributed 28 Apr 2015 by
Donna Bonaccorso, in hopes she might connect with others who have additional information about Asa Pursel and his livery business in Simcoe.
-- see photo enlargement

A. A. Pursel's Livery & Express Stables was located on Sydenham Street 
(in downtown Simcoe) decades before addresses were numbered. 
A. A. Pursel is said to be operating it there by 1865. 

Presumably E. C. Symons purchased the livery from Asa Pursel or his 
successor (perhaps about 1881 when Asa died), because Frank LaFortune 
purchased the business from Mr. Symons early in 1907.

Liveryman Frank LaFortune, his wife and daughter lived at 
28 Sydenham Street in 1919.

The building is now long gone. In Oct 1961, C. C. "Coop" Collver's 
Canadian Tire store was burnt out after 22 years in that location. 
Collver's gutted structure was replaced with new building, which 
subsequently became the site of Schott's Hardware when 
Canadian Tire moved to its present location on the Queensway.

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