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The following is based on information contributed 11 Sep 2007 by Doreen Harvey and 7 May 2014 by Diane Thompson-Davison.

A Tale of two Jessies
by webmaster John Cardiff

Two women, both named Jessie Burger, have confused more than a few genealogy researchers. 

They were born two years apart and lived within miles of each other. Burger being frequently misspelled in the historical record adds to the confusion.

Jessie Butcher (1879-1951) married Freeman Burger.

Jessie Burger (1877-1922) married John Aspden.

Jessie Butcher, daughter of Joseph H. Butcher and Mary West, married Freeman Burger on 9 Oct 1905 in Elgin County. Freeman and Jessie Burger are buried in Trinity Anglican Cemetery at Port Burwell in Elgin County.

Jessie Burger, daughter of Martin Burger and Rebecca Dickinson, married John Aspden on 28 Dec 1904 in Houghton Township. John Aspden and his wife Jessie are buried in Cultus Cemetery, Houghton Township.


"Freeman Burgan, R. R. 2, Port Burwell; Houghton [1919 Voters List]"
[Compiler's Comment: Although this entry is an accurate summary transcription of the source document, on 11 Sep 2007 we received email from Burgar genealogy researcher Doreen Harvey saying this is actually Freeman Burgar (1876-1946) son of William Edward Burgar and Merlies Milne. Doreen reports Freeman married Jessie Butcher (1879-1951) on 19 Oct 1905, and was a butcher in Port Burwell. Also see Burger

7 May 2014 we received the following from Diane Thompson-Davison:

The Jessie that married Freeman Burgar was the daughter of Joseph H Butcher and Mary West. Her last name was actually Butcher not Burgar. They were married on 9 Oct 1905 in Elgin. He was also a soldier in WWI. They were buried in Trinity Anglican Cemetery, Port Burwell, Elgin County, Ontario, Canada. These are their headstone inscriptions Freeman E. Burger 1876-1946 and Jessie Burger 1879-1951. I can send you their marriage notice as well as their headstone that I found here

The Jessie Burger, daughter of Martin Burger and Rebecca Dickinson was born 3 Feb 1877 and died on 19 Aug 1922. She is buried in Cultus. From her death certificate (in my possession): 
informant John Aspden of Clear Creek, husband. 
Her father was Martin Burger born in Walsingham, 
her mother Rebecca Dickinson, born in Cultus. 

The following refers to Jessie Burger, daughter of Martin Burger and Rebecca Dickinson: 
Burger -- Miss Jessie Burger of Houghton married Mrs. [sic] J. Aspden of Charlotteville, 28 Dec 1904 in Houghton [SR19050106]

2 Jun 2014 we received the following from Murray Aspden of 
St. Albert, Alberta:

"... One small correction was spotted in the discussion of the two 
Jessie Burger's. The mother of our Jessie Burger, Rebecca Dickinson, was born in 1839 in Northumberland Co., England."

Her Death Registration: born in England.
1891 Census: born in England
1911 Census: born Feb 1839 in England



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