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Last updated: 04 Sep 2017
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The following is a lightly edited transcript of a email we received 30 Mar 2015 from site visitor Wayne Jackson.

Daboll -- a most troublesome name

My relative, Matilda Jackson, married John Addison Dayball. 
They lived in Turkey Point and/or Normandale. 
Their son Clyde Dayballe [sic] built the original 
Turkey Point Hotel and sold it to William Helmer.

Researching this Dayballe family, I learned Addisonís mother 
was Mary Jane Robins. I am related to a lot of Robins by 
adoption and/or half relatives. But thatís another story.

Norfolk Genealogy web site answered one of my questions 
about Mary Jane (Robins) Dayball. In the 1901 census she 
and two young boys were inmates in an institution in Simcoe, 
the County Home, superintended by Richard Spencer. 
Thanks for that.

Now for Daball/Dabold story.

I have found at least six different spellings for this surname: 
Dayball, Dayballe, Daball Daboll, Dabold, Dabolds. 
All of these people that I have found in Welland and Norfolk 
counties are related. I have traced them back to Michael Dabold 
(born 1803) and his wife Elizabeth Powell (born 1813). 

They were both born in Berne, Germany and in about 1845 they came with their children from Germany to Pelham Township, Welland County. Subsequently, at least two of their children came from Welland to Norfolk County, Peter to North Walsingham Township, and Philip to Charlotteville Township.

In the B-M-D Etc. you have connected Daboll and Daball. I think you can extend that connection to Dayball. They are all related. I have not noticed any other spelling variations of this surname on your web site.

A final side note, which is a good story that may or may not be true:
A cousin who knows the Dayball(e) family very well was told that the original family was French and named de Baulte (unsure of correct spelling). Clyde [Dayballe] and [his wife] Ileen [Gilbert] told their children that one of their grandmothers was illiterate, and spelled Dayballe as it sounded.

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