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Hutchinson Genealogy
Contributed Jun 2008 by Donna Cofell of Blenheim, Ontario

I have searched for a very long time to find out what happened to Alexander Hutchison's parents, who are my great great great grandparents through their daughter Jane. 
Here is some of what I have found:

Summary: John Hutchinson and his wife Mary Ann Jamieson were one of many couples who passed through Norfolk County on their way to somewhere else. They sailed from Belfast, Ireland aboard to Sarah Sheafe 20 Jun 1840 to New York,* and came to Canada a few years later. After living two decades in Norfolk County, they moved west, living in Kent County, Ontario, before settling in Kent County, Michigan, where they are buried. Some of their children remained in Norfolk.

John Hutchinson (born 1 Jan 1806, died 24 Jan 1886) and his wife Mary Ann Jamieson (born 11 Nov 1811, died 18 May 1884) lived in Walsingham Township, Norfolk County between 1850-1870, where Land Records show they owned Lot 18, Concession 7 in 1870, and Lot 18, Concession 8, 1860-1870. Mary Ann died in Tillsonburg, Ontario [Death Registration 1884-013273]. They are buried in Dutton Cemetery, Gaines Township, Kent County, Michigan.

Their children:

John Hutchinson, born about 1835, according to Sarah Sheafe passenger records.

Alexander Hutchinson, born 21 May 1837 in Ireland, married Annie Craig. He lived in Walsingham from 1850 to death in 1910. His obituary and cemetery stone are elsewhere on this web site.

Elizabeth Hutchinson, born about 1840, according to Sarah Sheafe passenger records.

Jane Hutchison, born about 1842 in U.S., married Luke Thompson of Nanticoke, 21 Sept 1861 at Simcoe. Their daughter Mary Ann, is buried in Knowles Cemetery, North Walsingham.

Robert Hutchinson, born 6 Oct 1850 in Norfolk County, died 10 Jan 1867 and is buried Knowles Cemetery, North Walsingham

Mary Hutchinson born about 1854 in Norfolk County

David O. Hutchinson, born 1860 in Norfolk County, died 24 Jan 1939 in Michigan. Buried Dutton Cemetery, Gaines Township, Kent County, Michigan

John Hutchison, born 1863, appeared on the 1871 census.

William Hutchinson, owned land in Raleigh Township, Kent County, Ontario.

Passenger Lists of Vessels arriving at New York 1820-1897. Microfilm Publication No. 237. (Washington, National Archives and Records Service, 1957) Roll # 43, Ship Sarah Sheafe

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