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In a 25 Apr 2009 email, Elizbeth (Betsy) Dean Vanasse provided a link to the web site of the Potter County (Pennsylvania) Historical Society, which includes transcriptions of several Family Bibles.

One of those Family Bibles belonged to John Dean and his wife Sarah Blake. It includes birth dates for their children, including those born in Townsend Township, Norfolk County.
You can
link to the transcription of the Dean Family Bible by clicking here.

What follows is our 26 Apr 2009 cut and paste of that transcription. We recommend comparing it against the Potter County Historical Society's transcription to catch any updates to their posting.

Dean Family Bible
Donated by Mrs. Marie Daniels

1. John Dean was born in the yer of Nov. th 4 1799 
2. Sally Dean was born Sept the 22 1809.

1. John Dean was married to Salley Blake July the 3 1825, Batavy, Genesee Co., NY 
2. Leonard Dean, Sr., married to Helen Elizabeth Wagner on Sept. 8 1868 
3. Ray Dean married to Kate Fellows Feb 10 1909.

1. Sarah Dean died January the 2nd 1855 
2. Leonard Dean, Sr. died Aug. 9 1928 
3. Helen Elizabeth Dean died April 3 1892 
4. Walter Dean died March 4 1865
Oliver Dean died in the servis of his country away down in Bowlin Green. 
Then we could not get the date of his death.

1. Joseph E. Dean was born Feb 18 1828 Batavy NY Genesee Co. 
2. Albert Dean was born March 14 1830 Batavy, Genese Co. 
3. Sallie Dean was born March 17 1832 
4. Oliver Dean was born March 30 1834 
5. Solomon Dean was born Mar 11 1836 
6. Andrew Dean was born October 7 1854 
7. Adam B. Dean was born August 16 1839, Townsend ___ Canada West of Talbot 
8. Mary Dean was born July 26 1842, township of townsend, District of Talbot 
9. Leonard Dean was born May 17 1845 
10. Walter Dean was born February 18 1849 
11. Ray Dean was born Feb 16 1879 (a son of Leonard). 

The Bible is very old, the pages yellowed, pages missing in f ront, so no date of publication. 
Copied as written in the Bible.

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