Re: -- 1946 Simcoe High School Grade 13 class photo
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"Back Row (left to right) -- Florence Misner, John Brookfield, Alex Darbishire, John Potts
John Saunders, Raymond Canon, Jim Peachey, Lloyd Leask, Howard Clapp, Joseph Rider
Bill Austin, Hugh Donly, Russel Carey.
"Second Row -- Mary Wilson, Joan Stalker, Jerry Johnson, Boysie Hoye, Donald Dutton
Herb Haggland, Gerald Walter, Bob Crofoot, Gord Pangborn, Wilf Hickman, Bob Lindsay
Hardy Nelles, Allan Whitehead, Maynard Franklin.
"Front Row -- Shirley Riddle, Jean Downer, Alva Greenslade, Grace Durward, Marion Howe,
Lavonna Ross, Bernice Welch, Jean Richards, Miss O'Brian (Teacher), June Forse
Lavon Subacious, Helen Holden, Shirley Jackson, Margaret Dimond, Drusilla Ryerse, 
Marion Dymond, Joyce Blayney, Una Schuyler
Ward Parsons, Frances Dougherty."
-- see enlargement of photo
[Compiler's Comment: The photo above was published on page 34 of the 1946 Simcoe High School yearbook, The Monocle. That page was scanned and contributed to this web site 25 Aug 2009 by Joan (Coones) Horn of Brantford, Ontario. Spellings in our caption are as they appeared in the yearbook.]

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