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Karen (Hewitt) Phinney of Halifax, Nova Soctia, has in her possession original documents about the ancestry and descendency of William Hewitt, who lived in Vittoria, Charlotteville Township, Norfolk County in the mid to late 1800s.

This seems strange because Karen knows of no connection between the Hewitts of Norfolk and her birth family. In Jan 2003 Karen asked if we could help sort it out, and perhaps eventually find a connection between the two families.

To that end, we have transcribed photocopies of the documents Karen provided. We have also provided a bit of Karen's own genealogy, in hopes that helps.

Documents transcribed in this series include:
This Preface: Hewitt Genealogy Mystery
> William Hewitt's 1861 Genealogy Letter to his son David
> A post card sent to David Hewitt when he lived in Toronto
> List of Children of William Hewitt
> A bit of Karen Hewitt Phinney's genealogy

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