Re. -- Bradley women, circa 1868
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This photo scan was contributed 29 Aug 2006 by Rebecca Akins of Tempe, Arizona, who provided the following caption:
"The three seated women are, left to right, 
Eliza Jestin Bradley, widow of Levi Emes of Woodhouse Township; 
Eliza's daughter Mary Elizabeth Emes; 
Eliza's sister Mary Matilda Bradley, widow of Isaac Swayze Freeman of Vittoria
Standing is Emmalinda Swayze Freeman, daughter of Isaac and Mary Freeman and granddaughter of Rev. Daniel Freeman and Phoebe Swayze
Since Emmalinda and Eliza died in 1872 and because of the clothing, I assume a late 1860s date for the photo."
-- see photo enlargement
-- also: for more on the Bradleys. visit the Bradley Museum at Museums of Mississauga 

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