Re: -- S. S. 2 Middleton Township school photo, circa 1916
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Site visitor Louise Dalrymple of St. Catharines, Ontario emailed us this photo scan 10 Apr 2016 .

The centre student in the first row is holding a chalkboard that reads "S.S. 2 Middleton." 
The third boy from the right in the same row is Bruce Veit, grandfather of our contributor. 
Bruce was born in 1911 and appears to be about five years of age in this photo, suggesting the photo was taken circa 1916.
-- see 3x enlargement of above photo.
-- see 6x enlargement of above photo.

Student Bruce Veit 

Bruce Veit was born 4 Feb 1911, the fourth child of 
J. Fred and Margaret Veit of Courtland, Middleton Township.
He married Stephanie O'Leary of Courtland in 1938 in Simcoe. They moved to St. Catharines where Bruce worked at General Motors. They had three children. Bruce died there 8 May 1986 and is buried at Pleasantview Memorial Gardens, Thorold.

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