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Memo from compiler John Cardiff:

While the following B-M-D Etc. entries...

Collver -- Rev. Carl Burton Collver died 28 May 1905. Buried Old Woodhouse Church [OWC]

Collver -- John Milton Collver, born 1861, died 8 May 1905, buried Old Woodhouse Church [OWC]

... were transcribed accurately, we have reason to doubt their validity.

On 6 Feb 2001 we received e-mail from David Collver, son of Rev. Carl Burton Collver and grandson of John Milton Collver. David reported both his father and grandfather are buried in Michigan.  In part, David wrote...

"Carl Burton was my father and John Milton my grandfather. Both are buried in Michigan.  In 1997, I had my great-grandparents' (William Valentine and Samantha [Gilbert] Collver) grave marker restored at the Woodhouse Church Cemetery.  I did so in memory of my grandfather (their son who grew up at Woodhouse) and my father, and had their names cut on the reverse side of the stone as a "In Memory of" notation.

"Evidently, while compiling cemetery records for the Old Woodhouse Church book, they recorded the names as being buried there.  Again, both are buried in Michigan..."

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