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Oliver Smith family overview
by Kate Ford, Jan 2009 

My great-great grandfather, Oliver Smith, was born about 1825 in Lincoln County. He died 25 Aug 1912 in Simcoe, and is buried in Oakwood Cemetery. Sarah Anne Ribble was born about 1830 in Welland County. She died 26 Jul 1906 in Aylmer, and is also buried at Oakwood.

They were likely married in the late 1840s in Welland County. They had a total of 12 children. The first five were born at various locations  in Welland County, according to their marriage registrations:

Malinda J. Smith, c. 15 Oct 1849
Elizabeth Smith, c. 28 May 1851
William Ryerson Smith, c. 10 Mar 1853
Darius Alfred Smith, c. 24 May 1855
Matilda Jane Smith, c. Jul 1857

Sometime between 1857 and 1861 the family moved to Houghton Township, Norfolk County, where they appear in the 1861 census. The next child was born there:

Sarah Catherine Smith, c. 15 Aug 1861

In 1862, they moved on to Walsingham Township, Concession 4, Lot 1. They farmed there as tenants, until Oliver and Sarah purchased 10 acres of that lot on 21 Oct 1870. The rest of the children were born there:

Henry Malcolm Oliver Smith, 3 Jan 1863
John L. Smith, c. 6 Aug 1865
James George Smith, c. 15 May 1867
Peter Burley Smith, c. 5 Mar 1869
Melissa Smith, 25 Sep 1873
Minnie Smith, c. 28 Apr 1878

Most of these children remained in Norfolk County their entire lives. Eight of them are buried at Oakwood Cemetery in Simcoe [see our video of Oakwood Cemetery], one at Salem Cemetery, Charlotteville Township and one at Hazen Cemetery, Walsingham Township. There are still two that I have not yet found.
See the family of their son Henry M. O. Smith.

Oliver Smith

Sarah Anne Ribble

son Henry Smith

Kate's Endnote re Oliver's date of birth:
His obituary and cemetery stone indicate Oliver's birth year as 1813 but... 
... the 1861 census claims his age as 34, which sets his birth year at about 1827; 
... the 1871 census claims his age as 47, making the birth year about 1824; 
... the 1881 census claims his age as 56, birth year about 1825; 
... in 1891 his age is given as 64, giving a birth year of about 1827; 
... I have not yet been able to find him in the 1901 census; 
... in 1911 his age is claimed as 86, with a birth date of February 1825. 
These average to about 1825, the date I use while continuing my search for additional data.
Kate's Endnotes for Sarah's date of birth:
... in 1861 Sarah's age was given as 30 (1831); 
... in 1871 37 (1834); 
... in 1881 52 (1829); 
... in 1891 60 (1831); 
... in her burial record the year 1827 is used. 
These average out to about 1830.
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