Re: -- Nataniel E. Low's 1912 obituary follow-up
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The following is an edited transcript of email we received 17 Jun 2005 from site contributor Joy Bell of Mount Hope, Ontario:

I was delighted with this obituary which filled in some of the holes in my research on the Lows. I stumbled onto Colonel Low and family in Nanticoke. Two of his sons married daughters of 
Samuel Gamble and Charles Bourne, their Nanticoke neighbours 
in the 1850s.

The Lows are buried at Christ Church, Nanticoke.

There are several errors in the obit posted on your web site. 
First, Nathaniel E. Low came to Nanticoke with his father, Colonel Low, not his brother. Second, in paragraph three, the spelling is Launceton and Hobart, Tasmania

I have found the records of the Colonelís marriage in 1828 and the christening of their first son in 1829 Launceton, Tasmania. This was the era when the British were shipping prisoners to Tasmania and I wondered if the Colonel had something to do with this. His second son, Nathaniel, was born in England and the remaining children were born in Jersey on the Channel Islands. He fought in the Battle of Waterloo ó so he certainly got around.

Thanks for all the help your excellent web site provides.

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