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Last updated: 27 Mar 2015
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Moore family photos mystery
by John Cardiff
Seeking our assistance identifying the Moore family found in four photos in his late great=grandmother's photo album, site visitor Wayne Messecar emailed us the following four photo scans. 
Click on a photo to see enlargement.
Wayne's late great-grandmother, Caroline Hill (1843-1916) married 
John Charles Messecar (1832-1908) in 1861. They farmed at Cherry Valley, south of Waterford in Townsend Township, Norfolk County. Wayne believes the Moore's were not related, but family friends. 
The first photo (above) was addressed to Mr. J. C. Messecar.
Although the photos are not dated, three appear to document the early growth of the Moore family. First with a single child, then with three children, then five children without parents, and finally just the assumed parents. 
Prior to the first World War it was common to give photos of yourself/family to family and friends. The first phot0 of three Moore's appears on a card that appears to read "Fairbanks, Adrian." 
Click here to see a scan of that text.
The last two photos were taken at/by "Arthur Studio, Simcoe" and appear to have been taken as a winter series.
If you can identify these people, or even have a possibility to share, please email Wayne directly.

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