Re. -- Robert Randall family photo, circa 1912
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This photo was contributed 6 Sep 2017 by Jan McKee of London, Ontario, who identified those shown as Robert Randall and children of Windham Township.
First row (left to right): Robert Randall, Clarence Randall, Alice May Randall.
Second row (left to right): Thomson Randall, Ross Randall.
Portrait on wall (upper right): Mary Ellen McDowell, deceased wife of Robert Randall, mother of his children.
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Bookton Cemetery stones:
Robert Randall, born 31 Dec 1845, died 28 Jun 1913
his wife Mary Ellen McDowell, born 1 Apr 1851, died 26 Mar 1911
their son Willie, 3 months 13 days, died 23 Oct 1873

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