Re. -- 1885 Picnic at Sulphur Springs
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The following photo and caption were scanned from the now out-of-print booklet 
Our Lady of LaSalette Parish History 1836-1979
and contributed 27 Nov 2010 by Paul Billo of Shakespeare, Ontario

1885 Picnic at Sulphur Springs -- on Big Creek, a mile and a half northeast of Delhi. 

Left to right are: 
Back row: Jake Beal, Nellie Bridgman, Tom McDonald, Josephine Beal, John Powell, Maggie Jordan, Wilbur Sovereign, Susan McCarthy, Chris ____, Joseph Boll, Darc Ginello, Neil Burke.
Centre: Jane McDonald, Ed McMahon, Mary Murphy, ____, Margaret McSloy, Nellie Dertinger, unidentified teacher, Margaret Dertinger, John Boll, Vina Dertinger, Kate Kramer, Ben Flick.
Front row: Ann Murphy, Anna McSloy, Jim McSloy, Margaret Dertinger (cousin of other Margaret), Joseph Ball, Kate Murphy, Gertrude Ball, Miss Kramer. Lying in front: Jim Reich.
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