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Site visitor Linda Feere emailed us the accompanying photos on 29 Aug 2016. They were taken 
16 Aug 2014 in Doan's Cemetery
, shortly after this new monument was erected. 
"This monument has been placed in remembrance of all who are interred including those not recognized below, in Doan's Hollow Cemetery. This monument has been placed here in November 2013 by the Corporation of Norfolk County with the assistance of Norfolk County Branch OGS (Ontario Genealogy Society)"
Jane Aitken Henry Bossolt Adner DeCow Gordon Doan
Barbara Alcorn John Bossolt Charity DeCow Jane Doan
John Alcorn Mary Bossolt Eber DeCow  James Dunbar
David Alexander Mary A. Bossolt  Eliza Ann DeCow Sarah Dunbar
Peter Allison Mary Ann Bossolt Elizabeth DeCow Abraham Ford
Daniel A. Austin Sarah Bossolt Frances DeCow Sarah Fyfield
Samuel Austin Sharlotte Bossolt Frederick DeCow Thomas Hall
Theron Balch William Bossolt Frederick W. DeCow Henry J. Harris
John (Capt.) Bannister Minerva O. Bouchner Isaac DeCow Mary J. Harris
William H. Bannister Anna Maria Bowlby Jacob P. DeCow  Grace Harriss
Annie Blanchard Thomas Bowlby John DeCow  Debra A. Hodgson
Elizabeth Blanchard Sarah C. Bulter Mary DeCow  James Horn
Susan Blanchard Mary V. Calhoun Mary C. DeCow Jannet Horn
William Blanchard Anna Cline Walter L. DeCow William Horn
Wm. Blanchard James H. Crooker Willie DeCow James Horne
Benjamin Bossolt Alfred Davis Alexander Dell Robert Horne
David Bossolt Samuel Davis Jane T. Dell  Benjamin House
-- see enlargement of monument photo -- side 1


Samuel Law Sarah McQueen
Melissa House David Logan Susan McQueen Nancy P. Sidway
George M. Hoyes John A. Logan Walter McQueen  Andrew Smith
Emma L. Husted Elizabeth Long  John McSwain Angus Smith
Clara Inman Francis Long Mary Meade Fanny Smith
Jessie Jamieson Patrick Long unknown Jr. Miller John Smith
Robert Jamieson Agnes Mandeville Margaret Mitchell William Smith
Infant dau. Kirk son Marshall Thomas Mortimer Mobra A. Teeple
Alice H. Knight Harriet E. McBride Cecelia Norquay William W. Tice
Ellen M. Knight Fanny McIntosh Achsah A. Park Sarah Van Voltenburg
Lewis L. Lampkin James McIntosh Joseph Car. Park  Charlie Vichauser
[..ny] S. Law Wilhemine McIntosh Capt. William Park David Weatherly
Abigail Law Elizabeth McNeilly William A. Park  Jean Weatherly
Deborah Law Margaret McNeilly Data Passmore John Wiersch
John Law Samuel McNeilly George Passmore Jonathon Williams
John W. Law Alexander McQueen Mary A. Perkiss Eliza Winton
Maachan E. Law Daniel McQueen Ellen Shand Oliver Winton
Mary S. Law Elizabeth S. McQueen William Shand Robert O. Winton

-- see enlargement of monument photo -- side 2
GPS: N 48 258 | W 15 205
Camera: Sony DSC-S930
Photos taken 16 Aug 2014 by Linda Feere.
-- also see Doan's Hollow Cemetery

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