Re: -- James Smith and wife Mary Decker | their cemetery stone
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"At Rest | James Smith born July 20, 1816, died April 25, 1905. | Mary Decker his wife born June 11, 1826, died Feb. 21, 1912. | Smith"
Photo taken at King Lake Cemetery, 1287 North Road in historic Houghton Township at Kinglake, Norfolk County, 15 Apr 2008 by John Tomlinson -- see enlargement of photo
[Compiler's Comment: this photo of his ancestors' cemetery stone was contributed by site visitor John Tomlinson via email 25 Jun 2008, to correct an error previously published on this site. Our video of this cemetery includes the stone and our erroneous transcription of her surname as Becker. The above photo clearly shows her surname was Decker]
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