Etc. -- Enoch Moore's 1815 letter from Col. Joseph Ryerson
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"I Certify that Enoch Moore was employed two years and four months during the late war with the United States, in carrying dispatches in the Militia Services, and during the whole of the war, he was notorious for his zeal and activities in the defense of the country.
3 November 1815

Jos. Ryerson, Col.
1st Regt. [       ]"

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[Complier's Comment:
Bob Moore of Guelph, Ontario contributed the above scan in a 18 Jun 2008 email which said in part: "[Here] is a scan of a letter of reference written by Joseph Ryerson on behalf of my g-g-g-grandfather Enoch Moore for his services during the War of 1812. My brother and I bought it at a stamp auction in Toronto about a year ago. The catalogue estimated its selling price at $100, but it cost us $440 to get it out the door!
Enoch's story is told in brief at:]
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