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Who died 10 Dec 1915 in Houghton? The 1901 census lists her as Rebecca, wife of Martin Burger, the identity accepted here. Their Cultus Cemetery stone agrees, but that seems to end agreement in the surviving historical record.

Her first Simcoe Reformer obituary identifies her only as Mrs. Martin Burger. Her second Simcoe Reformer obituary identifies her as Rebecca Dickenson, wife of William Burgar.

Her Death Registration says she was Mary [Jennimiah] Burger, daughter of Robert Dickenson.

The 1852 census of Houghton lists 12 year old Rebecca living with her widowed mother, Mary Dickinson.

The 5 Dec 1865 marriage of Martin Burger and Rebecca Dickson appears in the Elgin County Marriage Register.

The 1881 census of Houghton lists Martin Burgar and his wife Rebecca

The links below take you to some the source documents we've found so you can draw your own conclusions. (Dates and other details also vary between documents.) 

Compiler's Comment: Thanks to contributor Wayne Jackson, who emailed us his photo of the cemetery stone and his scan of the Death Registration; to Shirley Wardle, who provided Rebecca and Martin's marriage record, to R. Robert Mutrie, who provided their marriage and census records, and to descendent Janice (Dickinson) Chmarney, who drew her 16 Dec 1915 obituary to our attention.

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