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Transcription's Table of Contents
Dedication to Queen
Principal's Message
Chairman of the Board's Message
S.D.H.S. Staff (photos)
Monocle Staff (photo)
1951 Scholarships, Medal Winners (photos)
Graduating Class of 1952 (photos)
Students' Council (photo)
Senior Literary Society (photo)
Junior Literary Society (photo)
Girls' Athletic Society (photo)
Boys' Athletic Society (photo)
Boys' Senior Basketball Team (photo) 
Boys' Junior Basketball Team (photo)
Junior Boys' Rugby Team (photo)
Girls' Senior Basketball Team (photo)
Girls' Junior Basketball Team (photo)
Girls' Senior Volleyball Team (photo)
Band (photo)
Cadets (photo)
Special Choir (photo)
Recent Grads -- Where were they in 1952?

Senior Cheerleaders

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