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On 8 Apr 2010 we received the following email from Robert C. Freeman who is working on a documented genealogy of the Sawers family.
Mr. Cardiff,

Just a small touch to polish up one of your B-M-D Etc. diamonds.
Sawers -- Miss Marguerite G. (Daisy), daughter of Augustus Sawers of Peterboro, married Charles Stuart Buck, M.A., son of John L. Buck of Port Rowan, Wednesday. Her brother Frederick officiated. Groomsman was Dr. Harold Buck, groom's brother [Wedding Bells, SR19121003p10]

Her birth was actually registered as "Daisie."  See her birth registration
Her father, Augustus Sawers II, was the son of the founder of the Peterborough Examiner newspaper. The following is additional information about Daisie's grandfather.

From a sketch of the early settlement and subsequent progress of the town of Peterborough by Thomas W. Poole: 
Two prominent citizens passed away from earth during the year 1861. One of these, Augustus Sawers, Esq., was during the previous year Mayor of the town, had some years previously founded the Examiner newspaper, and was for a time its Editor and Proprietor. For a few years previous to his death he took an active part in politics, and had warm friends and strenuous opponents. "He was possessed of a good physical constitution, a vigorous and cultivated mind, a quick perception, and a happy facility in expressing his views, either by speaking or writing." His decease occurred on the 6th of August, 1861, in his 42nd year. His remains were interred in the Little Lake Cemetery.

From History of the County of Peterborough, Ontario 
by Charles Pelham Mulvany, Charles M. Ryan: 
Augustus Sawers was born in Scotland in 1819. His father was a Captain in the British Navy. Augustus Sawers came to Canada in 1840 for the purpose of learning farming. Soon after he came he built a saw-mill in Douro, and subsequently engaged in farming in Smith for about ten years, after which he came to Peterborough; he there founded the Examiner, which he published for four years. He also owned a line of boats running on the lakes between Peterborough and Lindsay. He was mayor in 1860,when the Prince of Wales visited Peterborough. He once took part in a political contest for a member to represent the Newcastle District. In 1845 he married a daughter of Col. Crawford  of Douro, by whom he had four sons and one daughter ; he died in 1861.

From Trent University Archives' Peterborough Newspaper Files
The Peterborough Examiner was established 1856 by Augustus Sawers as Peterborough's reform paper, taking over from the Despatch.

Keep up the good work!
Robert C. Freeman

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