Re. -- Vittoria Women, circa 1930s
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This photo scan was contributed 24 Aug 2010 by Paul and Linda Billo of Shakespeare, Ontario, who assume this photo was taken circa 1930s and is of a group of women in/near Vittoria. (Perhaps a Women's Institute or such group.) Linda can identify four of the women and is seeking assistance identifying the other five.
Those Linda has identified are:
First row, left: Mary Ann McPhee (1861-1952) wife of James H. Oakes
First row, second left: Serena Sharp (1857-1947) wife of Henry F. Hilliard
Back row, left: Delosa Maude Oakes (1885-1959), wife of William Morgan Hilliard
Back row, second left: Caroline "Carrie" Hilliard (1889-1974), wife of Jacob  "Jake" Beickler 
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