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On 27 Jan 2011 site visitor Sandra Boughner of Simcoe, Norfolk County emailed us this collection of Aug 2009 photos and transcriptions of surviving stones in Potts Cemetery.

Potts Cemetery at 231 DeCou Road, in Woodhouse Township, at Simcoe, photographed and transcribed in Aug 2009 by
Sandra Boughner.
-- see photo enlargement  -- also see our online video of this cemetery
[Compiler's Comments: This small cemetery is no longer in use. Virtually every surviving stone can be seen in the photo above]

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Idarosa Austin | Mary Alice Austin  Rynard and Catherine Potts [1]
Philip Austin and his wife Mary Rynard Potts | and his wife Catherine [2]
Peter Buck | James Buck Mary Fares | Wm. H. Reece
Lucinda Brewer | Unreadable Chapman Jacob Steinhoff | his daughter Carrie
Charles Chapman Mary Steinhoff | William Steinhoff
Charles Clark | Maria Clark William C. Steinhoff and wife Elizabeth
Jacob Misner | Hannah Misner Wm. C. Steinhoff | Margaret Taylor
Unreadable Potts | Esther Potts Isaac Teller | his wife Annie
Catherine Potts | George Potts Sr. & wife Isaac Teller's children: Isaac and Sarah
Jacob Potts | his wife Charity Anna Walmsley | Lydia White

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