Re: -- 1948 Port Dover High School grades 10-12 class photo
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Back Row (left to right) -- George Hurley, Robert Morris, Jim Lyles, Bill Parkinson, 
John Lang, Rip Erwin, Alex Wood, Jim Noble, Doug Ryerse, Jack Matthews, Jim Davidson,
Gary Dines, Clarence Morris, Malcom Muth, Ted Snider, Wallace Hammond, Richard Jones, 
Tom Hagan.
Third Row -- Roy Graham, Betty Edwards, Doreen Pierson, ___ Ryerse, Beverly Hagen,
Jacqueline Yerex, Evangeline Shaw, Betty Mitchell, Merle McKen, Ruth Farrant, Donna Gilbert, Mary Elizabeth Nunn, Eleanor Moning, Barbara Jamieson, Laura Jane Ryerse, Terry Hagen.
Second Row -- Margaret Ryerse, Mr. H. G. Edgar (principal), Emily Barrett, Margaret Hildreth, Nancy Jamieson, Alice Gamble or Alice Pake, Thelma Storms, Ruth Jones, Roberta Sidway, 
Betty Awde, Dr. J. Bannister, June Reid. 
First Row
: -- Jean Milner, Dorothy Vokes, Donna Horn, Barbara Thorton, Marylin Jackson,
Janice Sellars, Pat Wooley, Pat Jamieson, Jean Matthews, Viola Pursley, Maybel Ryerse.
-- see enlargement of above photo  
-- also see 1948 Port Dover High photo grade 9
Compiler's Comments: 
The photo above was published on page 74 of the 1948 Simcoe High School yearbook, 
The Monocle
. That page was scanned and contributed to this web site in Oct 2009 by 
Jim and Joan (Coones) Horn of Brantford, Ontario.  
The source yearbook photo caption did not list student names.
Spellings in our caption provided by Jim and Joan (Coones) Horn, 
John and Ruth (Abbott) Lang, and Clarence Morris
Clarence Morris, Mary (Reid) Cromwell, Shirley (Stilwell) Long and Evangeline (Shaw) Post, emailed us additional identifications, 4 May 2014. When their contribution conflicted with a 
name previously submitted, we left the original in place and added or [the alternative].
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