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Welcome to George Pond's collection of Norfolk team sports photos. 
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  1860 newspaper article about cricket
  1881 newspaper article about curling
  1883 newspaper article about baseball
  1884 and 1888 newspaper articles about sports
  1891 Waterford LaCrosse Team
  1899 Thicks vs. Thins Hockey Match
  early Windham Baseball Team
  1903 Simcoe Baseball Team
  1903-04 Simcoe Hockey Team
  1905 Waterford Football Team
  1905-06 Waterford Hockey Team
  1907-08 Intermediate Hockey Team
  1908-09 Intermediate Hockey Team
  1910-11 Lynnwoods Hockey Team
  1910-11 Simcoe High Hockey Team
  1911-12 Hub Hockey Team
  1912 British United Football Club
  1915 newspaper article about ladies hockey
  1921 Boston Softball Team
  1922 Windham Baseball Team
  1922 Boston Softball Team
  1924 Simcoe High School Softball Team
  1925 Trolley Baseball Team
  1925 Crescent Football Club
  1926 Port Dover Junior Hockey Team
  1927 Dominion Gas Company Softball Team
  1927 Simcoe Baseball Team
  1927 Simcoe Intermediate Lacrosse Team
  1927-28 Simcoe Intermediate Hockey Team
  1928 Walker Store Softball Team
  1930 Norfolk Regiment Soccer Team
  1930 J. B. Jackson Softball Team
  1931 J. B. Jackson Hockey Team
  1931 British Knitwear Softball Team
  1931 American Can Softball Team
  1931 Simcoe High Football Team
  1931 Simcoe High Hockey Team
  1931 Simcoe Baseball Team
  1932 Port Dover Sailors Hockey Team
  1932 Don-A-Brooks Softball Team
  1932-33 Red Shirts Hockey Team
  1932-33 Red Shirts Hockey coach Russ Oatman
  1933 British Knitwear Girls Softball Team
  1934 Baptist Church Junior Softball Team
  1934 St. James Church Senior Softball Team
  1934 Chrysler's Softball Team
  1936 Nober Softball Team
  1936-37 Teeterville Hockey Club
  1936-37 Simcoe Intermediate "B" Hockey Team
  1936-37 Simcoe Intermediate "B" Hockey's Top Line
  1937 Simcoe High Senior Girls Basketball Team
  1937 Rex Sox Immediate Baseball Team
  1937-38 Reformer Cubs Hockey Team
  1937-38 Reformer Cubs Front Line
  1938-39 Reformer Cubs Hockey Team
  1938-39 China Clippers Hockey Team
  1938-39 Brook Woolen Hockey Team
  1939 Windham Centre Orioles Softball Team
  1939 Simcoe Stars Ladies Softball Team
  1939-40 China Clippers Hockey Team
  1942 American Can Five Pin Bowling Teams
  1943 Lions Juvenile Softball Team
  1944 Young Men's Club Juvenile Softball Team
  1944-45 Port Dover Juvenile Hockey Team
  1945-46 Simcoe Juvenile "B" Hockey Team
  1946 Townsend Stars Softball Team
  1946-47 Port Dover Sailors  Juvenile "C" Hockey Team
  1947 Norfolk County Umpires Association
  1947-48 Simcoe Midget Hockey Team
  1948 Three Links Bantam "B" Baseball Team
  1948 Langton Midget Baseball Team
  1948 Simcoe Reformer Cubs Baseball Team
  1948-49 Lions Bantam Hockey Team
  1948-49 Girlings Midget "B"  Hockey Team
  1949-50 Lions Bantam Hockey Team
  1951 Simcoe High Senior Girls Basketball Team
  1951 Waterford High Senior Girls Basketball Team
  1951 Elgin Ave. Bantam Softball Team
  1951 Simcoe Norco Hornets Softball Team
  1951 Legion Pontiacs Junvenile "B" Baseball Team
  1951 Simcoe Midget Baseball Team
  1951 Simcoe Bantam Baseball Team: Photo 1 and Photo 2
  1951 Ontario Baseball Association Cup presentation
  1951 Delhi Tobaccomen Intermediate Baseball Team
  1951-52 Adams Juvenile Hockey Team

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