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1927 Dominion Gas Company Softball Team
Simcoe Softball League Champions
Left to right, back row:  Lee Anguish, Gordon Culver, Art Carter(?), H. LaFortune(?), Dick Tyrell, unknown, Charles Simpson.
Front row: Gerald Bauslaugh, Cliff Hurst, Peck Witherspoon. 
Moore Photo courtesy George Pond.

This was the Dominion Gas Company team which played in the Simcoe High School park. The logo on the sweaters was Cities Service Co., which owned the Dominion Natural Gas Co. There was little mention of the Town League in the Reformer, however, we did find the following...

From the 12 May 1927 Simcoe Reformer:
"Tuesday evening the Canners and Gas Company played a close game -- one of the best of the season -- that resulted in a win of 1-0 for the Gas Co.."

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