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1927-28 Simcoe Intermediate Hockey Team
OHA Group No. 9 Champions 1927-28
Left to right, back row: president L. E. Varnam, manager Geo. Mottashed,  Cy Watts,  Bill Cook,  Stub Osborne, secretary-treasurer L. F. Culver, vice president Jas. Miller.  
Middle row:  H. Gaul,  Chas. Mayo, Ed Bennett,  Chas. Mitchell. 
Front row:  Mel Church, Art Fort.
Moore Photo courtesy Steve Winter.

From 12 Feb 1928 Simcoe Reformer:
"There was only one road out of Simcoe Monday night, and that led to Cayuga.  By bus and motor car, hundreds of local fans made the trip to watch the Haldimand County seat lads carry out their threat to 'Take home the bacon.'  Strangely enough Mottashed's proteges were also in the mood for bacon that night and served themselves with so generous a helping that there was little or nothing left to satisfy the cravings of Cayuga, save defeat... which was definitely not to their liking."

This win forced a Home-and-Home playoff and on Feb. 9, 1928 we read:  "Simcoe's Intermediate Team are champions of Group 9 by virtue of their double defeat of the Cayuga Red Streaks, the first game by 3-0 and the second 2-0."  In the same issue we find "Port Colborne wins round: won second game 9-2 and round 15-3."

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