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1932-33 Simcoe Intermediate Hockey Team
Left to right, top row: centre C. W. Esseltine, right wing G. Neidrauer, left defense J. Barrett, left wing H. J. Hause, left wing N. Hubert, right wing W. Anderson. Centre row: executives Dr. L. F. Culver, H. K. Champion, president and manager J. Jas. Miller, secretary-treasurer Jack Crabb, Dr. W. J. Drennan. Bottom row: defense W. Habermell, trainer M. J. Barkey, sub-goal H. J. LaFortune, goal H. Pat. Innes, coach R. Oatman, spare L. J. Passmore.
Moore Photo courtesy Ariel McGaw.

From the 23 Feb 1933 Simcoe Reformer:
"Paris eliminated Simcoe from O.H.A. group playdowns ... Paris rang down the curtain on the 1932-33 hockey season in convincing fashion for Jimmy Miller's Red Shirts ... won second game in Paris handly by score of 5-1, taking this round 7 to 4 ... smart Paris forwards outfooted the Simcoe Red Shirts ... Habermell was shining light for locals."

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